Cannot Make Peace with Your Enemies

lion-of Judah

As I awoke this day I found myself full to the very brim of the joy of the Lord and even danced before the Lord in my secret place. Then as I stilled myself, I heard my Lord say, “you cannot make peace with your enemies”. At these words the picture of a magnificent lion […]

The Truth about Israel Videos


Ambassador Danny Ayalon The Truth About Israel is founded by Danny Ayalon, based on his 25 years of experience at the forefront of Israel public diplomacy and foreign affairs as the recent Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Member of Parliament, Ambassador to the USA, and Foreign Policy Advisor to three Prime Ministers. Comments: I have […]

Real Truth about Palestine


In a world of mass communication and the internet is has become very easy to completely blur the line between what is a lie and what is the actual truth. This has happened down through the centuries in relation to the land of Israel and the Jewish people who reside there. But in this case […]

Women being sold as Slaves

female slaves being sold in syria

Click Here for Original Post This picture recently appeared on several Arabic social media and websites. Caption reads “First female slave market in Deir ez-Zur,” a Syrian region that is 20 percent Christian and is currently occupied by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. If this article can be verified then we are seeing […]

The Mark & Beast Video Series

The Beast and his Mark

For those doing what the Lord has told us to do, “watch” so we are aware of the signs of times we can see the prophecy of Jesus Christ being played out before our eyes in today’s world. We see time being sped up and things happening in the world at a frenetic pace which […]

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